Note from Louise and me:

What you see below is what we believe was written in Great Grandpa Emil's letter to Clyde.  The "fair" he mentions was most likely the 1935 World's Fair in San Diego.  I have corrected a few words and punctuation, and added others that I think were missed.

Clyde was Great Grandpa Emil's first child, followed by Grandma, Charles (Chuck), Emil, Paul, Homer, and then Alys, his second daughter.

Page 1:

Clyde D. Berger     National City Calif.
Maryland                     Nov 2,1935

       Dear son Clyde and family:
                    It sure has been
a long time since I have heard
from you, and we were sure
looking for you folks out
here to attend the fair,
but I guess you have been too
busy to take a vacation. Write
and let us know how you are
getting along and how you are.
We are getting along very nicely
and are very happy together.
We will be married six years
the first of January, 1936.

How is the missus and the kiddies?

Page 2:


I would like very much to have
a photo of the whole family. You
have a camera, and you can
take a snap shot and send it
to me. Now you (will) do that
won't you? Pearle and family
have moved to San Pedro.
I guess you knew that Herman
has a baby and Lulu is
married also, so that makes
me a great grandpa and I
am only a kid yet, and you
are a granduncle. Does that
make you feel old? I sure would
like to see you folks. I sure do
get home sick to see you all.
I see Emil, Paul and Chuck
very often.  Emil and his wife
will be up Thanksgiving day

Page 3:


and perhaps Paul too, if he isnít
too busy. Do you ever hear from
any of them? I guess you know
that Homer is in Denver and has
a dry goods store out at
Berkeley. Do you ever
hear from him? I donít hear
from him or Alys, but
I guess they are getting along
all right.  Well Clyde old pal,
I guess I will have to ring off
for the night. With lots of love
and best wishes to you all
from both of us. As ever,
your Mother and Father

Emil J. Berger
2508 Highland Ave
National City Calif.
Come and see us soon